Cake candles

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In the catalog of the online store you can buy original cake candles to decorate the cake. Products differ in design, suitable for decorating a cake for a birthday or anniversary. Unique number candles on the cake are used to decorate a festive event. The products are intended for the correct decoration of the birthday, in order to leave in the memory of the birthday person vivid impressions, memories of the festive event. Original candles for cake decorating In our online store, you can order candles in bulk at an affordable price. Products are designed to create a fabulous atmosphere, allow you to organize a holiday, make it unforgettable. Unique silver and gold number cake candles will be a great choice for decorating a festive event. Products are used to create a festive atmosphere on the birthday of an adult or child. Candle-numbers On our site you can buy wholesale accessories for the holiday. Candles, letter products help to create a romantic atmosphere, beautifully decorate a cake, and set a festive table. With this set, the celebration will be bright, colorful and fun. In the catalog of our store you can buy candles for an anniversary, for a birthday for any age. The products are made in the form of numbers, which are decorated with rhinestones and sparkles.