Tracing paper for flowers

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Any flower arrangement in itself evokes admiring glances. But thanks to the correct packaging, they will look even more aesthetically pleasing and stylish, or, on the contrary, will be lost against its background. In addition to the classic film for decorating and wrapping bouquets, floristic compositions, you can use more stylish material. An alternative is packaging tracing paper for decorating flowers and bouquets, which can be purchased in different colors from the AirBalloons online store. Assortment of tracing paper for wrapping flowers In the service catalog, floristic tracing paper is presented in a large assortment. The material has different densities, is tear-resistant, so it is convenient to work with it in creating complex and simple compositions. Tracing paper is available in different shades of the color palette, which allows you to choose packaging material for different types of flowers, plants, greenery so as to present the bouquets in the most advantageous way. A variety of shades helps to acquire a composition that matches the event, including the desired color scheme on it. For example, in the color of the dress. Tracing paper can have varying degrees of transparency, a matte surface that always looks stylish and elegant, even with the simplest bouquet. Benefits of floristic tracing paper Flower paper has many advantages, therefore it is a favorite material of florists and buyers: Suitable for any event and occasion, from a gift to your girlfriend, to congratulations from your boss at work. It combines well with other packaging materials, which expands the possibilities of its use. It is used as a packing material not only for bouquets, but also for plants in pots, gifts in boxes. Clean and safe material. Relatively inexpensive cost. In the online store AirBalloons tracing paper for packaging flowers in bulk is available in different shades. You can order in any required quantities.