Linkolun balls

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Linkoloon balloons are a great solution for any occasion. This type of balloons has become more and more popular with designers. They have a number of advantages over latex and foil balloons. Ease. They weigh relatively little, which makes the products made of them more mobile and allows them to be carried if necessary. They do not require additional materials for the bundle. Linkolun balls with tails, this eliminates the need for additional fastening materials, makes it possible to work without braid, ribbons, threads, etc. Easy to create shapes. It is very easy to work with such balloons. Even a person with no experience can easily cope with the creation of various shapes and compositions from Linkoluns. Choice of filler. Can be filled with either helium or regular air. Durability. The created items and linkcolun balloons will last for quite a long time, up to 2-3 weeks. Wide range of applications. Products made from linkoluns are very flexible, which allows you to show your imagination in creating arches, garlands, figurines of animals, hearts, trees, etc. Due to the light weight of the balls and the variety of figures created from them, you can decorate walls, doorways, ceilings, use in large and small rooms and outdoors. Possibility to combine with other types of balls. Flexible arches, garlands and figurines can be diversified by combining linkcolun balloons with ordinary latex, foil balloons, paper, wood, artificial flowers decor. Acceptable price. It is especially profitable to buy linkcolun balls with tails in Ukraine in bulk.