Chrome latex balloons

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Chromed balloons in Ukraine wholesale On this page there is a large selection of balls of any size and color. This is an ideal accessory for a holiday; such a decoration will look harmonious in a large hall or a cozy apartment. The person who will be presented with chrome balloons will be happy! The balloons can have a different filler - helium or hydrogen, you can choose this yourself. Large selection of chrome balls for the holiday! We have a nice variety of goods in our assortment. Available in different colors (Gold, Blue, Green, Silver, Purple) 28 cm and 30 cm in Gold, silver and pink. You can also buy balloons of 48 cm in pink, pigeon, green and gold colors. The balls are available in a set of 12 pieces (30 cm) and 13 pieces (33 cm). Such a set will give you a good mood and a charge of positive emotions. Balls made within the framework of the standard delight not only in price, but also in quality. Prices for mirror chrome balls. The cost of the ball varies depending on the size. 28 cm will cost 8.09 UAH, 48 cm - 12.06 UAH. per piece, and 30 cm - 3.71 UAH. You can buy chrome balloons in bulk in Ukraine on our website. Is the holiday coming? Celebrating your birthday? Do not hesitate about choosing jewelry, order wonderful balloons right from us. After all, this is an excellent design, you no longer need to buy anything, and you do not need care for the balls. They will delight the eye for a long time after purchase. A festive atmosphere will be provided! We will deliver by a recognized time anywhere in the city. Please yourself and your loved ones by making them an unforgettable holiday!