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Balloons Are you planning a large-scale party or a children's party? Latex balloons will become indispensable helpers in decorating the festive interior / exterior, which, due to their variety and strong structure, will not only serve as decoration, but will also become original gifts-surprises for young guests. This on-line store specializes in the wholesale of balloons with delivery to Kiev, Kharkov, Lviv, Khmelnitsky, Chernigov and other cities. Application of balloons Purchases of latex balloons in bulk are usually made by event agencies, so they provide themselves with high-quality consumables for a long time. As a rule, representatives of this service sector are engaged in the design of children's parties, corporate events, and visiting ceremonies. It is best to order ready-made (inflated) holiday balloons in such agencies. Products are inflated with air or helium using a special pump. Balloons filled with helium will float above the ground, while balloons filled with air tend to descend to the ground. The cost of balloons filled with helium is much more than air balloons. What content to choose, the client decides, depending on the style of the holiday. Varieties of balloons Customers of the store should pay attention to the rich assortment of products: - one-color or multicolor, round or drop-shaped; - neon - for decoration of rooms in which there is neon light; - heart-shaped balloons of various sizes; - curly, for composing compositions; - Punch Balls, plain and with inscriptions; - metallic chrome; - ShDM - balls for modeling, etc. It is worth paying attention to such interesting and frequently used items as balls for modeling (SHDM), made in the form of a narrow sausage, which have excellent flexibility, are inflated exclusively with a pump, all kinds of compositions are made from such products - from simple bouquets to complex installations, a flight of imagination can be limitless. You can buy inflatable balls in bulk without leaving your home, you just need to place an order on our website and provide your holiday with unforgettable emotions, giving yourself and your loved ones a holiday atmosphere. Managers will readily provide any assistance in the selection and purchase of products, and the quality assurance is our business card!